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I’ve always kept my skincare very basic. To be honest, I never really used to use anything on my skin, as I just never felt it necessary. Until I started learning a lot more about skin & began wearing a lot more makeup daily I saw how my skin was being affected. I’ve been lucky, I’ve never had to deal with any bad acne breakouts on my face, just the occasional pimple here & there, but my biggest issue was always my dry skin, we’re talking dry like the Sahara Desert dry! I’m very dehydrated, I would hardly drink water, more so because I would forget to, this really affected the way I would apply my makeup because the second I’d put foundation on my face my skin would just suck it all up & my face would look very powdery, flakey & well, dry!  These past couple of months I’ve been drinking much more water & using a few products to help with hydration & prevent my skin from drying out.


Melrose Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil, I wish I had begun using Coconut Oil much sooner. I apply a small amount of the oil to my face & décolletage area every morning & night, this has helped so much with all the dry patches of skin I had around my face, particularly my cheeks. I prefer to use the Organic, unrefined kind, as it guarantees that I am not putting any other chemicals on my face.



Grown Alchemist Borago, Rosehip & Buckthorn Berry Oil has been a log time love of mine. I apply this to my under eye area morning, night & before makeup application as it is extremely hydrating & makes my eyes look a lot less puffy. I also feel that it makes my dark circles slightly less noticeable, depending on how dark they are that day.




KIEHL’S Ultra Facial Cream Intense Hydration is what I apply after my Coconut Oil & Rosehip oil, I have used a range of different moisturisers but nothing can come close to this. It looks like your average moisturiser but when applied is extremely light, it in all honestly feels a bit like water! I dot this over my face & rub it in circular motions, my skin soaks it up almost instantly.




I use the Glamglow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment about 2-3 times a week, to really give me that deep hydration I need. I leave this on for a good 15-20 mins & wipe off with a tissue, & I rub the remaining product into my skin. After using this my face literally feels like its drank a big glass of water, so hydrated & glowy.




I use the Jericho Premium Pomegranate Facial Peel once every two weeks to really clean up my skin & get rid of any dry skin that may be lingering on my face. I think its great to use a facial peel every couple of weeks as it gets rid of dry skin, bacteria, leftover makeup/dirt & I’ve even found its helped get rid of some of my blackheads. I finish this off with the Jericho Moisturising Day Cream. ( I could not find a link, as it was bought from a kiosk at a shopping centre.)


So that’s everything! I pretty much do anything to keep that moisture in my face, you probably noticed i didn’t mention a cleanser or exfoliator, that’s because I don’t usually use either. As bad as it may seem, Although I have just started using the Purity Facial Cleanser. Will keep you updated on that!

Let me know in the comments if there is anything you think I should try!

Love & Light ♡


Heidi Hamoud

Heidi Hamoud is a highly sought after influencer, blogger, Youtube sensation and Melbourne-based makeup artist who is passionate about inspiring her audience of millions on a daily basis to be courageous, confident and empowered.

  1. I was actually also wondering what you use to remove your makeup? Also an update on what cleansers you’ve been using because your skin is flawless.

  2. Do you remember the price of Jericho pomegranate facial peel??
    I tried to find the information of exact product I purchased today but couldn’t find much information.
    Seems like great product tho!! 😀

    1. I honestly don’t remember, it was a while ago! I remember it was pretty pricey. If it helps, I got the peel & the moisturiser together for about $110AUD x

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