How To: Cover Dark Circles + Flawless Foundation


Hi Loves! Some of the most asked questions I get are ‘how do you cover dark circles?’ ‘how do you get your foundation to look so flawless?’ I decided to answer them all in one video. What a lot of people forget is that your skin does not have just one tone to it. Your skin has many different undertones, for example your dark circles can have blue/purple tones, redness on your cheeks etc. It is very very important to colour correct! Colour correction in my opinion, is the most important part of the entire makeup process. If you do not correct the tones in your skin sometimes they can be seen through your foundation and concealer, your under eyes can look ashy, your redness can peep through etc.

As an artist, its very important to know your colour wheel. Here is an example of a great colour wheel (found on google). With each colour shown, the shade opposite is what counteracts it, red – green, blue-orange, purple-yellow & so forth. Learn it, breathe it, this will save your life in any situation you may be in artistically.

TIP OF THE DAY: When it comes to applying my correctors I love to use my fingers (making sure they’re sanitizer of course) the heat in your fingers emulsifies the product, making it much easier to apply & blend. I find it applies to much smoother when applied with my fingers, because I find that when using a brush the product is sometimes very stiff & doesn’t apply or move around to where you want it as easily.

After correction the skin I move onto foundation, making sure I stipple it on instead of rubbing it on so as not to move around any of the concealer I applied. I then apply my concealer, I like to use two concealers as I prefer to give the under eye area a little more coverage. I of course apply only thin layers of concealer, make sure to not over do it as it can cause some serious creasing. Lastly, I set it with some powder, I alternate powders depending on skin tone. Some of my favourites include: Ben Nye banana powder, Anastasia Beverly hills Banana & Vanilla, Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Natural Lighting powder, Ben Nye translucent powder.


– Laura Mercier Under Eye Perfector #Orange/Yellow

– Makeup Forever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette

– Makeup Forever HD Foundation #123

– Makeup Forever Lift Concealer #3

– MAC Prolongwear Concealer #NW20

– Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder #2


By the way, that Laura Mercier powder worked wonders for me! This was the first time my eyes went an entire day without creasing. My eyes were watering & itching me all day, & there was still no creasing! So far, I’m impressed!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I hope you found it informative & you learnt something new! I’d love to see you use this technique, leave me a comment or tag me on instagram with the hashtag #heidimakeupartist so I can see all your recreations!

Love & Light ♡


Heidi Hamoud

Heidi Hamoud is a highly sought after influencer, blogger, Youtube sensation and Melbourne-based makeup artist who is passionate about inspiring her audience of millions on a daily basis to be courageous, confident and empowered.

  1. I have the laura mercier secret brightening powder but I usually get sinus issues and itchiness when I use it. Does the powder make your eyes itchy too or are they allergies? Loved the idea Heidi and I love the orange concealer . I didn’t know it could work for my skin tone. Thanks xo

    1. Really? I haven’t experienced that problem before, I don’t have any allergies so maybe thats why? Thanks for watching girl! x

  2. Hi 😀
    Amazing video! 😀
    Can I ask which brush did you use for the concealer under your eyes??
    Thanks 😀

    1. Hi Love, finding the perfect shade of foundation is really easy! When colour matching chose 3 shades the are closest to your skin tone, don’t ever colour match on your face or neck because a lot of the time they’re a different colour to the rest of your body. You want to colour match on your chest because that will help everything look more natural & your face will match your body. Apply the 3 shades closest to your chest & whichever colour blends in most is the colour for you! for concealer if highlighting you want to go a few shades lighter, to cover dark circles try a pink/salmon coloured concealer that’d work amazing, Bobbi Brown has some of my favourite correctors! x

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