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I absolutely love trying out new skincare. Taking care of your skin is SUPER important! For the past month I’ve changed up my typical routine & have incorporated some new skincare products from the website ANIQA which stocks mainly Korean brands. I’ve kept track of this & I thought it’d be a good idea to let you guys know how my experience with Korean Skincare went!

– Cleansing & Toning-

IMG_9505First products used were the CREMORLAB Gentle Foaming Cleanser & the Mineral Treatment Essence Toner. I have extremely dry skin, so typically when I use any form of cleanser I break out or my skin goes even drier. That wasn’t the case with these, I would cleanse my face morning & night & my skin was left feeling soft, fresh & most importantly hydrated! I love when pumping out the liquid cleanser it came out as a foam! My skin lookedso fresh after using these! Another toner I was switching between was the Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner. This toner was a little thicker in consistency than most, but it left my skin feeling super hydrated with a beautiful gloIMG_9499w.









IMG_9495I’ve been using a few products for this. Sometimes all at once & sometimes I’ll only apply one of them. The first is the MIZON Original Skin Energy Hyaluronic Acid 100. This always leaves my skin feeling super hydrated, soft & firm. I apply a few dots of this to my face with the dropper & massage thoroughly into my face. I also have been loving the CREMORLAB Snow Falls Melting cream. Such a unique formula, it’s super thick in the jar, but the minute you put it on the back of your hand & move it around it melts into this beautiful, pearlescent cream. This when applied, feels so silky, leaves my skin extremely plumped & fresh, it is a little sticky, but the dewy glow left on my skin makes up for it haha. I went to bed after applying this cream, and woke up to amazingly hydrated, IMG_9502smooth skin (something that never happens) absolutely love it.







-Eye Cream-

The only eye cream I’ve been using is the CREMORLAB Shadow-Off Eye cream, such an awesome little invention! This little jar of Magic is full of amazing nutrients for the skin, since I’ve been using this, my dark circles have gotten lighter (you guys have noticed this too! This is my secret!) & also the wrinkles around my eyes have gotten softer. Best.Thing.EVER



Overall, I absolutely loved these products, I’m still using them daily! I have found Korean Skincare to be pretty different to the usual. From texture, to ingredients & formualtions – this is definitely a positive as I have found these products to be more effective than a lot of the products I buy from the stores. I highly recommend trying them out yourself, if you’re looking for good skincare. All these products can be purchased from the ANIQA (click for link) website.


Love & Light

Heidi xxx

Heidi Hamoud

Heidi Hamoud is a highly sought after influencer, blogger, Youtube sensation and Melbourne-based makeup artist who is passionate about inspiring her audience of millions on a daily basis to be courageous, confident and empowered.

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