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Insecurities, we all have them. We all strive to be perfect but tell me, what is the true definition of perfect? Is there even an exact definition? Everyone has their own meaning to the word ‘perfect’ whether its having a beautiful face, a nice butt, big boobs, an awesome personality, having lots of money, being a nice person, or all of the above. Does it all really matter? Do you feel the need to be ‘perfect’ to make yourself happy, or to satisfy the people around you?

Being on social media I have seen so many victims of cyber bullying, both male and female. I can never wrap my head around why people say such hurtful things to one another. Is it jealousy, hate or just for fun? How can one find pleasure in making other people feel like absolute crap. Picking at one small feature on a person and calling them names, as if life and growing up isn’t hard enough do we really need to add to that?

As you can probably imagine, I get a number of nasty messages a day. When I do voice it out I always get ‘oh but you put yourself on social media’ and? I also like to leave my house, does that mean I deserve to be hit by a car? No. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are, it is never okay to put people down. Here’s an example for you, this morning I was casually checking my YouTube, replying to comments, as I do until I can across one that read ‘Your teeth are jacked’. I don’t think anyone can imagine how that made me feel. Now I’m not a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve. I usually just brush off hater comments, but this one got to me, why? Little does anyone know my teeth are my biggest insecurity. I rarely ever smile with my teeth showing because of how insecure it makes me, every time I do someone has to have their 2 cents ‘close your mouth’ ‘you’re pretty but your teeth are ugly’ are just some of the comments I have received. How does it make me feel? it makes me feel like sh*t. I know I don’t have the straightest teeth, but I really don’t need people to constantly remind me. I know I probably shouldn’t even be sharing any of this, but if it helps at least one person out & boosts their confidence I’ll go through it a million more times. Having people say things like that, makes me look in the mirror & wish I didn’t look the way I did. Nasty comments make us second guess ourselves, even the most confident of us are affected sometimes.

Cyber bullying or any bullying in general is not okay. Even if you’re having problems at home and need to let your anger out there are other ways to deal with it. Does making other people feel as bad as you do make you feel better about yourself? It probably doesn’t. We are all here, talking to someone about your issues always helps. You may not think it will, but try it. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel.

As for me, I do intend on getting my teeth fixed one day, but not to please these trolls or anyone that has something to say. I want to do it for myself, its something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but gosh Invisalign is pricy! Haha And of course saving for these things takes time.

I am a true believer in ‘Everyone is beautiful in their own way’. Be proud of who you are, because you are beautiful, anyone who says otherwise is not worthy of your time.

And there’s always the magic buttons, block & delete!

Love & Light ♡


Heidi Hamoud

Heidi Hamoud is a highly sought after influencer, blogger, Youtube sensation and Melbourne-based makeup artist who is passionate about inspiring her audience of millions on a daily basis to be courageous, confident and empowered.

  1. This makes me so sad,you are absolutely stunning and I can’t beleive someone would point that out to you! These people are disgusting,I won’t say “just ignore them” or anything along those lines as I find that just annoying lol you can’t ignore when someone hurts your feelings and I definitely don’t think u deserve it or are asking for it for putting your self out there on social media,you are showing your amazing skills people should know how to act like adults and appreciate that,this really frustrates me to no end,I’m sorry that happened to you Heidi I think you are such a beautiful person inside and out! Just sayin 😉

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous girl! You are always so kind & supportive I have so much love for you ♡ You are truly one of the most beautiful souls I have come across x

  2. God bless you! I honestly don’t understand what people get from saying such nasty things. I love how you put it, just because you are on social media, doesn’t mean you should just accept cyber bullying. It should NEVER happen. People don’t realise how much damage they can do to one person’s self esteem and ultimately even the rest of their life. And they have no right to do that.

    I hope that you are ok. Keep doing you! That’s the best way to stick it to ’em! 🙂

    1. Thanks girl! I’m totally fine, it doesn’t bother me too much, just had a bit of a moment this morning x

  3. Oh my gosh! I can’t believe people would stoop that low but unfortunately they do. I don’t usually comment on things, but your very well written post has made me really want to. I really like your teeth! You are absolutely stunning, a beautiful person and this shines through in your videos, and not to mention a very talented make up artist. I really hope one day in the near future I have you do my makeup! I am glad you spoke out as this happens way too much.
    Much love xxx

  4. It’s so unfortunate that people still think it’s okay to sit behind a computer screen and say those kinds of things. Absolutely ridiculous! But good on you for voicing your opinion and letting people know that that’s not okay.. even though that shouldn’t have to be said. On a side note, personally, I love your teeth!

    XO, G from grace’d

    1. Thank you love! I just felt the need to voice out my opinion, because sometimes it really does hurt people. I agree it definitely shouldn’t have to be said, it should already be known. Thanks so much girly, much love ♥

  5. I loved this post! You were brave in exposing your biggest insecurity, so congratulations! I love your work and your unique way to express yourself. This is very important, the fact that you use your exposure to help others. Know that even here in Brazil,’ve been following your progress and twist for you to get better every day more and conquer your dreams. We are partners in this!

    P.S.: Sorry if my english is not so good.

  6. Heidi, nobody is perfect, only God. We are creation of God, and God created you very gorgeous, when i see your videos i think “this girl is very beautiful, you have gorgeous face” , it blow me away. But whats more important is the beauty inside, and im feeling you have it and like you said teeth can be fixed but the people with ugly inner with dark soul they lose because they dont have God in their heart.. Ignore the bad comments, the more they want to hurt you, the atronger you get. GOD LOVES YOU SO MUCH.

  7. Wow Heidi! You shouldn’t pay attention to cyber bullies they are usually the miserable people with no life, nobody notices them in the actual real world , they are cruel and try to bash someone as beautiful as you and try their hardest to find a flaw on you. Which you don’t have any because you are gorgeous! Your teeth are great , you have the most gorgeous smile and you are freakinf amazing being an artist . You have a wonderful soul . Please don’t stop doing videos because of these idiots and morons who keep harassing you! Stay positive and remember you are beautiful doll xo Karla

  8. hey i just got a chance to go through ur blog.. Just wanted to say i love it so much .. and u should continue to post more topics.. A lot of useful tips i got 🙂
    And good for you for standing up to bullying ..ive been a victim myself .. it either used to be my skin tone or teeth as well.. but i only got them fixed when i thought i needed to.. Never listen to bullies!!
    so anyway i was reading this post and u mentioned how u want to get invisalign.. is it ok if i advise u another treatment option?..i know i know u must be thinking what does she know about this stuff 😀 actually im a dentist, a fresh graduate.. and i think u should go for the old fashioned conventional braces.. trust me they are much better than invisalign ..if u are saving up for something good then u should go for the 3M icognito (hidden braces)..they are lingual braces.. the beauty about them is tht they dont show at all.. so u wont have to worry about ppl looking at ur braces..
    anyhow i hope u check them out

  9. I just stumbled upon your Youtube channel/blog randomly, and I actually thought “wow, her teeth are beautiful”. Probably doesn’t help either way if you’re insecure about them, but know that I like them!

  10. Awh Heidi, I can’t believe someone would say these things to you… This post made me tear up! Your teeth and your smile are both beautiful. God made you, so nothing is in error. You’re another one of his masterpieces.
    I think blocking & deleting is a very mature way of handling the situation. No need for negativity on your channel.
    Love you! Just discovered you the other day, and you’ve got me hooked! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous, your comment put the biggest smile on my face <3 I truly appreciate the support!
      Much love xxxx

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